twenty years ago...

10.28.2009 pate and i pledged our lives to one another. a gorgeous day in san diego, california. married by the pastor who ministered to us through high school, the college years, and then when married. paul and i dated in high school. we lost touch after high school but then connected again. with the blessing of our parents and many friends we married in our church, and had a beautiful reception in my parents back yard. it was a perfect day.

happy anniversary, mr. pate!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Jamie and Paul!! I wish you both many, many more to come!!

    Love looking at your OC pics. You are just beautiful!! I can tell you love it there. Hope it was all that and a bag of chips!! Glad you're back safely...Hugs!

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful day together! It looks like your trip was everything it should be...relaxing...just the two of you...and endless amounts of sunshine.

    I raise my glass to your health and good fortune!