dear weekend


how very good you were to me. warm breezes. clear blue skies. sunny beaches. fabulous food. favorite hotel location. best coffee in town. beach cities. celebration. great friends. rest. relaxation. fun.

it had been a long time since a weekend away was part of our schedule. it took an anniversary to motivate our busy selves to get out. life will simply pass us by if we don't stop and take time out to see what else is out there.

now i knew what was out there...out in 'the o.c.', that is. the area holds fond memories for me having grown up just south of there in san diego. mr. pate and i did sneak down to the beach cities in san diego county for some site seeing and shopping. and just to say we did. we visited old haunts and talked and laughed and remembered life before children and a mortgage. see this is what we use to do back in the day. drive up the coast and spend our days off exploring and hoping to find the best coffee house. it seems like forever ago. it was great to visit again.

we stole some time just before jumping on our plane home and headed to newport beach where our friends took some photos of us. and here i am taking a fun photo of mr. pate. it's rare when he gets on that side of the camera...i had to record it!

this trip will linger with me for a long time to come. i love southern cal, and always will. i am so blessed to get back there on occassion and find refreshment.

happy tuesday!


    Southern Cal. suits you! These shots are beautiful!
    Hope it is as sweet to come back as it was to escape:-)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I used to live in So Cal so I know how much fun you must have had!! So glad you had some me time to focus on each other! Love the pics - looking forward to seeing them scrapped!

  3. Love the photos. I worked in Newport Beach for a year. Miss it so much.

  4. Hey Jamie! You were in my neck of the woods! :) I LOVE your photos and I totally understand what you mean about checking out the old grounds! DH and I drive up to LA once or twice a year to do the same thing :D Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!