happy day


celebrated my youngest daughters birthday last evening. she will be six. there is just no celebrating a six year girl's birthday without lots of smiles, pink, and princessy stuff. we had all that.

we made her work for her wish. six of the mini brownie cakes had a candle on them. hopefully she got lots of wishes out of all the sweet air.

daddy and keaney. her little nickname. (my poor kids....they all go by something other than their name. )

this is soc...have not touched it at all. i like it.

stole a page from the sweet debee campos and made her garland. sewed punched out patterned papers. you know i love using up those unused parts of kits. this is a great way. think i will do stars for my sons next. (see how i am...she sells them...i had to make it!)
have a happy day yourself.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Keaney!

    Beautiful photos, and I love your garland!

  2. Oh so sweet! those brownie cakes are adorable too!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    She's so sweet! Look at these amazing blue eyes!
    The mini cakes look great and I've been planning on sewing the same type of garland!


  4. Happy Birthday! I love your pictures! So sweet