a little sneak


just a tiny little sneak of what has been going on in studio this week...more to be revealed later next week.
simply wanted to leave my friends with a little something to think about as i am off for a weekend away with mr. pate in so. cal. sigh...it is so much warmer there than here...not sure HOW he is going to get me back on that plane and home again...tune in next week to see if he succeeded.

have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Have fun on your trip. Can't wait to see your pages!

  2. You TEASER! Enjoy that special time away! Send me some sunshine will you! You'd better get on that plane back or I'll have to come and get you!...hmm...not such a bad idea after all?! ;-)

  3. What a lovely peek! I hope you have a glorious time with Mr pate and enjoy the sunshine! Waiting for the full reveal of your work!