As I was searching my photos from last years dec daily, I realized I stopped photographing them at day 10. but that’s okay, because now I am posting fully completed pages. Today the first photo is day 7. I ended yesterday with day 7. day 7 now holds a bulletin from that days church service, and of course that day’s photo, which was the official Christmas card picture. You can see how I added a bit of embellishment as well as moved where the ‘7’ would rest. This is one of the joys of this book. Where initially I am planning on a single page for a day, it could change, depending on that days activities, or length of journaling, the day may very well end up being multiple pages, and usually pages of differing sizes. Again, I love that!

day 7 :: top page

day 7 :: bottom page

day 8 ::

day 9 ::

day 9 :: top page

day 10 :: inside

day 10:: outside

day 11 ::

day 12 ::

day 13 ::

day 14 ::

tomorrow i will show off days 15-19. i'm getting so excited!

have a great creative day!

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