this book is taking over my life presently. i spent several hours on it monday, which was such a wonderful thing for me to get to do. i never get time like that to work on projects. it's been fun being creative when supplies would get low. as well as being spontaneous when i just HAD to run out to archivers to make a quick cardstock purchuse. (how that basic grey paper, and making memories vintage finds made their way in my basket i will never know!)

as stated in a previous post, vintage theme is what is inspiring this year's edition for the most part. that 7 gypsies flocked paper is gorgeous. if you have any you know what i mean. my cover page is textured creme cardstock, with pin line for a frame. the christmas sticker is last year's making memories. using the rest of that stash throughout this book. the rub ons are basic grey, and the chipboard numbers are american craft. i stripped away the colored paper that was coloring the numbers originally, and then painted them in black, and finished with diamond glaze on the top.

day1:: a simple pattern paper block on the left. part of last years stash on the right: making memories die cut sheet, with a very old mm rubon on. i loved those. and the 'one' is from shabby chic crafts. i will probably place the days photo above the pattern paper, and then journal on the red.

day2:: one of my favorite pages because of the gathering of elements on the lower left. (remember you can click on the photo to enlarge) this is the other side of the die cut paper that has a piece of katie pertiet's la cremerie fraise cut to fit on top. the best wishes is 7gypsies. the '2' is from american crafts, this time i just left it with it's color. and i made the paper clip element by adhering the making memories epoxy sticker to the top of it before attaching the clip to the tag. the other side is simply a piece of paper from last years stash with rounded corners.

day4::more la cremerie and shabby chic crafts. the right side is jenni bowlin patterned paper. some of the pages are left fairly simple. the plan will be to of course add the photo, as well as a journaling block, and word stickers here and there.

day5::lots of stash on the elements page. the post card block is october afternoon i think from the road map collection. i stamped it with an old stampin up french text. (one of my all time favorite background stamps, now retired.) more mm stickers from last year, and that beautiful velvet trim is from a zany zinnia kit from much earlier in the year. i'm lovin' using up the stash!

day6::another simple page. pomegranate bazzill textured stock on the bottom with stampin up kraft on the top (you knew i would stick kraft in here somewhere.) the velvet ric rac is from last year's wip kit i think. the 6 is another shappy chic. the right side is newly acquired patterned paper...not remembering the manufacuter right now.

day7:: look familiar? day 7 is very much like the cover page. i decided instead of recreating every page from scratch to follow the pattern of the pages up to this point. this does not make them exactly alike, but at least i have a sketch, if you will, to work from going forward. i am happy with how this is working out.

day8::fairly self explanatory.

day9:: i love the pages with heavier embellishments. again, not every page is loaded, just a few of them. like little bursts of eye candy here and there.

next time i will show off a few more of my pages, some of my favorites.

thanks ladies for all your comments. i enjoy the input.


  1. This is beautiful! I especially love your cover page... I'll be coming back when I get stuck on mine!

  2. Oh Jamie! It's looking marvelous! That 7G. is amazing!

  3. I love every single thing about this book, Jamie!! Can't wait to see it when you add your cool stuff, too!!

  4. your book totally Rocks!!!!! Love it. You are going to get so much pleasure from it.