Veterans of the USA


we haven't forgot
the price you have paid
you've given us the freedom
that we enjoy today
and everyday i thank my God
for sending those like you
who cared for the future
the dreams of me and you

red is for the blood
blue is for the bruise
the white is for the eyes
who fought for me and you
so we lift our hearts today
filled with gratitude and praise
for the veterans of the USA

we thank the families
who gave their precious gift
the cause is greater than
all your fears
and when the flag waves high
our hearts are filled with pride
you're the reason America's still alive

R Goad

Charles Avery
Oct 23 1912- May 1997
Served in one of the last Cavalry troops at Ft. Riley, Kansas
(my grandfather)

Edmund E. Warner
Sept 2, 1921-October 21, 2004
Army~Served in the Philippians during World War II
(my grandfather)

Paul Albert Nicholas
Nov 5, 1291- Feb 20, 1974
Navy~Served in the Pacific Theater during World War II
(my husband's grandfather)

James Woodrow Avery
July 19, 1945 - present
Army~Served during the Vietnam War
(my father)

Garrison C Avery
May 2, 1982-February 1, 2006
Army~West Point graduate
Killed in Iraq
(my cousin)

Not pictured:
Enoch Pate :: Army~Served in Vietnam
Arthur Likens :: Navy~Served during Vietnam
Clinton Avery :: Marines~currently serving

My family has a rich heritage in service and sacrifice to my country. I am eternally thankful.

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