december shopping


i am fast becoming the fan of supporting the handmade community. while i am making several of this years gifts by hand, and would love to completely and only do handmade, somethings just can't be handmade gifts. one of the goals i continue to work towards is building my children's personal libraries. so of course that requires supporting amazon a little, as well as some of my other favorite resources for books and radio theatre:

vision forum

lamplighter publishing

these are two small businesses i support throughout the year, but especially at christmas. their products are always welcome by the kids in my life. (oh...some adults too.)

two etsy shops i have recently used have come through in a stellar way as well.

metalmorphoz is out of canada, but shipping came to me very, very quickly. they hand make beautiful jewelry and i highly recommend them for their unique wares, wonderful pricing, and thorough customer service.

rorolee jewelry (are you seeing a theme here) also came through in a beautiful way. her pieces are so feminine. i could make my own personal list from her shop.

this heart bracelet has so many wonderful details to it. i just love it. the work is simply beautiful.

i will be posting some of the handmade goodness going on here over the weekend.

have a grand day!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these!!
    Oh I'm just drooling over that red heart ( favorite color! ) such a wonderful contrast with the silver cuff chain! Sort of hot and cold...hmmmm!!