creative sneak


who knew? i CAN still get creative. i have been on an involuntary break from any studio time. to be totally honest, i have just been too tired. i mean tired like i have never been before. it's been awful. today, however, was the day. not only do i have an assignment due, but i woke up just knowing i needed to get my mind wrapped around creative and beautiful things. i was a bit tentative thinking it was going to be alot of work for me to get into the groove. but i love it when the syntaxes just start snapping. and that's what it was for me today. i love it when that happens. time just flew, and there was productivity and i thoroughly enjoyed it. how much i love this hobby.

i have made a new blog friend. well, that might be a bit presumtuous for me to call her a friend. she would probably completely intimidate me if i actually lived around her, went to church with her, or she was in one of my community groups. so from afar, i think of her as a friend. she is the highly talented becky novack and photographer extraordaire. her blog not only shows off her creative talents with pictures, scrapping and home, but very often she just shares her heart and the spiritual aspect of her journey. and she talks like we are friends sitting across from one another with a latte and scone. i just wanted to share her with you as she is someone who impacts me when ever i get a chance to visit.

have a restful weekend.


  1. I cannot wait to see the complete project. I plan on working on mine today - just a fun project and your layering motivates me to get busy!! Take care of yourself my friend - get lots of rest and enjoy each day!!

  2. cant wait to see more jamie! i took a break in december, sometimes you need it!

  3. This project looks fabulous (looking forward to seeing the whole thing) and I can only imagine some of the new and creative "baby themed" projects we'll be seeing in the next few months! :-)

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