o.k...i admit it...

pb rustic wall organizer

i am a friend of most things pottery barn,(sorry, phoebe). have been for a long time. it's a sickness i think. because after all, if the truth be know, i CAN'T (or rather WON"T) afford pottery barn. so, i dream, instead. and attempt to implement as i can. (o.k...there is the seagrass chair and ottoman...a moment of weakness purchase, and i have never regretted it).

but when i saw this rustic wall organizer, as seen above, well, my knees just went weak. how adorable is that? leave it top pb. sigh.

bedford project table

for too long i have been envying this bedford project table. i have a home for it right smack in the middle of my studio. i stand so often while working on projects anyway, so this would be perfect. right? they keep lowering the price. maybe one of these days it will be at a total i am willing to part with. until then...i dream.

so here are a few storage items that would be dreamy to have as well.

wire baskets

galvanized pails

cubby holder

just had to share these charming pieces with you.

tan brush
more from the gallery at wip::

artist printers tray

this was a very awesome project to work on. the 7gypsies artist printers tray. twelve lovely rectangles to house photos, and what-not. the what-not is my favorite part. trish filled this months project kit with lovely 7gypsies paper, bazzill red embossed cardstock, prima florals and pearl buttons (loveliness), and manila tags, and that fabulous Dresden family die cut. i added the stickers and die cut hearts as well as my go-to butterflies using martha's punch and stampin up die cuts. there are still project kits available on her site. i highly recommend.

that's all for today!


  1. What a lovely project Jamie! I love everything about it and the fact that it has "YOU" written all over it!

    Love the pictures you're sharing from P.B, I've been known for converting free miles to purchase a few things from them over the years ;-)


    ( sorry Google is not working this morning )

  2. Love that wall organizer too!!! And that project of yours is simply adorable!!! I hope it is proudly displayed in your house! :D

  3. Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  4. Oh yes, I too was drooling over the newest Pottery Barn Cabinet... I would love to have a house decorated like then, but I too continue to dream! I love what you did with the 7 gypsies printer tray!

  5. The organizer is awesome! I bet there's a way to make something similar. The printer tray is a beautiful project you can be so proud to display. I really enjoy your blog. You have such an ecelectic spirit.
    Have a terrific Thursday,

  6. I love all the PB things too. Your tray is beautiful!

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