do you ever...


have one of those days...
um weeks, where you just can't get caught up.
can't get in a groove?
all the while i sit here and blog a bit.
i mean it's about what's important, right?
well...i am having one of those days, i mean weeks...
something is always a mess...
or waiting for me to be finished...
or in progress...?
but nothing is complete.

i am determined today to get something actually and officially checked off my list. (this may very well require a starbucks run you know.)

but first...
the rest of my gallery uploads for WIP...
this was one of those kits i just did not get enough time to work with...
Trish's May kit is worthy of so much more.

but for's this:: back to my tasks at, really.


  1. Love love these 3 pages Jamie!
    Awesome work!
    I'm off to some catching up ;-)


  2. Your layouts this month are AMAZING! Just gorgeous! :)