memorial day greetings



Memorial Day means many things on the calendar. For many it’s a day off of work, time with friends and family, and maybe even a weekend camping trip. But I want to remember its original intent, and that is to memorialize those who have fallen for the sake of our country. We have family members who served and gave their all. As well as many involved in the military that went on to live productive lives, yet are no longer with us. It’s a day to remember those and cherish the memories they give to us.

A few ideas for celebrating the day::

Send a card to someone in the military
Fly the U.S. flag
Bbq with friends and family
Try a new summer food or drink recipe
Tell a story of a loved one for your family album
Lay flowers or a wreath on the grave of a veteran
Be thankful for your freedoms
And most importantly, thank a veteran.

May this day find a special remembrance for you.


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