ode to the big crack


good morning friends...i am making an attempt to 'come back' here to my blog world. it has been a whirlwind of a time around here. we have been moving rooms, painting rooms, buying furniture...more on those things later, however.

the above layout was part of the june wip gallery. the little story behind it is comical to me. while we were on our family trip to the grand canyon, my son still had a poem due for a literature class when we returned. his inspiration came to him visiting the beautiful places we found ourselves in. so on the road trip, literally, he composed his poem, and i added it to this layout so as to always have his humor with me in years to come.
thanks for stopping by...hoping to be here more often...missing my faithful commenters.


  1. What a wonderful page and son you have there ;-)
    love the design as well, I've been thinking a lot about you, I hope you can rest before the big day ;-)

    hugs ~


  2. i've been catching up on blogging this week too. it feels good! i like how you included the poem on this page :)

  3. A poet in the making and a fabulous layout to commemorate his early works, AWESOME!! :)