around the nursery


first of all...i have to say how thrilled i am that i even have a nursery. this is the first. #5, and a room of his own.
at one point in time we had 3 of them in the same room.
when they were little, and we were broke, it worked.
we have been abundantly blessed through the years, and we actually have a room carved out just for this little mr.

let me show you a few of the things we have been working on in there::

definitely decorative wall elements from stampin up. i placed them on 12x12 canvases. these little animals are so very sweet.

a simple little mobile made using papers from carina gardners back to basics found over at design house digital. so, can you figure out his name?

a dresser to match the crib. yet another first. furniture to grow with him. this makes me happy!

just finished the crib skirt this week. and i have been advised not to make a crib bumper. alot's changed in the last 7 years.

this would be my very own bassinet from *# years ago. i made the liner and pad cover. so in love with that polka dot and striped pattern. i think the monkey likes it too.

fabric basket. this is so stinkin' cute in real life. i am preparing to make another one, only bigger. i first saw it here on gigi kennedy's blog. she found it here on the pink penguin blog. it really, really is sweet.

so there you have it. a little start to a new life. more to be added as i come across little finds here and there. oh yeah...and the little mr. will be added soon too.



  1. Oh Jamie!!! It looks super cute!!! Love the fresh colors and the wall decor! :D

  2. Love love it love it!
    It's modern but timeless, it's masculine but very if only I hadn't seen these is hidden isn't it? it's driving me crazy!

    ARGH!! You are such a tease!
    Bravo for all your work!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nursery pics!! It is just adorable--I'm so happy for you!! Love that you've made all these wonderful things. He's going to be surrounded with such great warmth--it truly is beautiful, Jamie!

    And I'm with Alexandra above on the name thing. That's just mean! I thought I saw a "W" in there. Is it Weston? But then there's no "A". I'm clueless. Fill me in!!

  4. yes. there is a w. there is an a. it is not, however, weston. (snicker snicker)