one of the things i do around here for birthday is the yearly birthday letter.
i do not give them as a gift, but rather am collecting them myself, for each kiddo.
that way when they are say, 18 or so, they will have 18 (or so) letters from their mama
going back many years.
the layout here will hold this girlies 11 year old letter.
made the colored segment a pocket so the letter will fit in behind.
that's it.


  1. love this idea! too bad i am nearly 12 and 10 years late in getting started...

  2. Jamie, I LOVE that idea!! Never too late to start, huh?? For me, that is...ha!

  3. never too late to start...anything!

  4. What a wonderful idea, Jamie! This is something you will certainly cherish for years to come!