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this class has been such a joy and discovery. while i am not a messy at heart, i have walked through the lessons and added the 'messy' parts and it's been like a therapy. i find my insides sort of buzzing with ideas and what to do next. and while i shall never be a debee c, nor should i be, i have found some new style love that i will be going to again and again.

{lesson1} messy=happy::
{lesson 1} messy=happy

{lesson2} inspire color::
{lesson2} inspire color

{lesson3} retail therapy::
{lesson3} retail therapy
this one's my favorite so far...even though i need help in the retail department.

in other news::

large DHD blinkie

Join us over at Design House Digital, Saturday at 9pm est for Katherine Hansen's Speed Scrap::
Beginning at 9:00 pm, she'll announce her first clue to help you put together a scrapbook page. For example, it might be the number of pictures you'll need. Then, at 9:10 pm, and every 10 minutes thereafter, she'll give you another clue. At 10:00 pm, you'll get your final clue - so you'll have seven in all - and then you'll have one hour to complete your page and post it in the gallery.

Sounds intriguing.

Enjoy your Friday!


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  1. They're Fabulous jamie!
    I can feel the happiness coming right through ;-)
    ( what size are they?)