inspired by yellow


inspiration in yello

Lesson 2 in the current {inspire lovely} class was to create a mood inspiration board collecting items in my studio of the same color. It was suppose to be a favorite color, and while I don't really have a favorite color, yellow is my current color of choice. I was amazed what I found that was indeed yellow. I had no idea there was so much yellow treasure to be discovered. This art activity was a very refreshing exercise and helped me hone in on the simplicity of the hunt and enjoy.

inspiration in fabric and buttons

yellow buttons hearts and butterflies

yellow birdies labels and happy

Hope to post the art work for the book I am slowly working on tomorrow that is in and of itself an inspiration piece. And I should like to do this again. Fun!



  1. it does look fun! makes me want to round up some purple things :) it was nice to see you today!