etsy fall love


it's nathalie's fault...she posted some etsy love...and made me go there and look...and inspired this here
fall-inspired-etsy-window-shopping-spree. not only did it inspire this post, but my finds simply inspired me toward beauty.

1. antique letter pumpkin / MadeByMePollyB :: so very vintagey and fallish all together. sorry i have no wall space for it. 2.butterflies on vintage postcards / piddix :: because i love butterflies. enough said. 3. burlap give thanks banner / sherisewsweet   :: burlap is finding it's way in my home big time. 4.parisian chandelier tag / taniasidora  paris. love. tags. love. 5.postage pillow / WordGarden :: again, nathalie's fault...she posted another from this shop. i simply want them all!!!! 6. turmeric neck rag / textilemonster :: love this!

what's inspiring you today?


  1. I LOVE your picks Jamie! :) I don't wear yellow but if I did I would get that scarf in a second!!! Love the burlap banner too! and the pillow... wonderful Fall collage! ;)

  2. those things are lovely. I have such a hard time finding my way around etsy!

  3. Love your taste Girl ;-)
    Thanks for your sweet comment, I'd be honored to see your take on the splatter :-D

    Got to Fly ( literally! )
    Hugs ~