hello sweet baby.


 actually getting a few projects done around here. ah! it is so great to open my album of this little mr. and see a few pages peeking at me.
above is what i consider a very simple baby announcement. i took the shot. formatted it in a 6x4 canvas. added simple font and announcement information, added an ali e digital stamp, and smiled. the photo alone makes me smile every time. happy with this.

 it then became the title page to his baby album that will be my album to keep. eventually i will start his, as i have with the other kiddos. but for now i need to tell his story back to me. make sense? time is flying by so fast. i just don't want to forget his littleness and his pure innocence. did i say i was in love with him?

cardstock. embossed cardstock. typed and sewed cardstock. done. i am falling in love again with simplicity.

more peeks at his album later this week.

thanks for stopping by!