paris in the fall


these photos are dedicated to many things...
my blogging friends nathalie and alexandra. beautiful paper artists. and beautiful french women. so glad to have made their acquaintance via the blogging world. they never cease to inspire. {nathalie just returned home from visiting france...thus another reason for my missing paris}
to a wonderful trip taken four years ago this fall with fabulous lifetime girlfriends. we ate wonderful fare. observed beautiful buildings and scenery. enjoyed enduring friendships despite getting lost and constantly needing a map.
these photos are dedicated to photography itself. an art form that continues to intrigue me, seduce me, and inspire me endlessly.
but then what is photography without great editing tools?
all the above were tweaked in photoshop elements by way of duplicating layers. removing color. adding hard light blend. adding rhonna farrer's vintage photo tool kit. setting them to overlay. simply by playing and mixing it up abit. i bought this kit quite some time ago. it is definitely a go to kit. i highly recommend if you love to play with editing and creating fun works of photographic art. several of these photos i printed out on textured paper, framed in re-purposed frames...hung them in my 'paris' bathroom. perhaps i should show off the finished projects as a post.
photo credits: top photo by betty pollom. the rest are moi's.


  1. Gorgeous photos Jamie!!! You are so sweet and I would LOVE to see your "Paris" Bathroom (and also have your talent with editing!) ;)

  2. MERCI mon AMIE!
    Great photos!
    I'm interested in that kit for sure although I don't even know how to add actions to my PSE?!
    I would love to see your bathroom and just f.y.i:
    the "i" in Marais is after the "a" ;-)

    Hugs ~