dream on.


i heard an interesting thought today.
it goes something like this:
"know when to let go of dreams, but keep on dreaming"
sometimes our dreams just don't come true.
sometimes we are dissappointed.
sometimes the journey of the dream was there simply to shape and mold and refine us for our calling in life.
sometimes we need to  know when to let that dream go.
but never stop dreaming.
there's a difference.
i am just now figuring that out.
it's a way of being kind to myself.
letting go of some things, yet yielding to new ideas.
as this month evaporates into the next, may the dreams you have been holding on to lead you to new dreams.


and so the end of the 21challenge round two for me is over.
and it has been a great, great ride.
i encourage you to try it sometime.
and may you never be the same again.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful book with us Jamie!
    It is truly a gem and I love each page of it <3