is a is only a test.
in the middle of the 21challenge over at rhonna's.
this one has been the best yet.
learning so much about myself...about others...about end results.
in the midst of that i have had tremendous trials with a certain teenage lad...
it's hard watching your young adults make choices.
i have spent a day on the couch sick.
my hip decided to not want to work for a day. ouch!
and today my laptop, with all my personal making it's own personal choices.
but i am not undaunted...
because this is only a test.
and it's not how the test goes that counts...
it's how i am in the test.

and it makes me all the more want this:
The 1 Book

i have loved compendium books for a couple of years now.
they make the best gifts, in my opinion.
and that pretty cover just makes me smile. (sorry...i am using the desktop that i am not familiar with, and it is not letting me add links:

and since i am not able to post anything of creative essence today...
this is my contribution.

hoping you too, when life is testing you on many corners, that you can find other ways to accomplish that which has been given to you.

have a joyful weekend...

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  1. Thank you for a very important reminder!
    I needed it!!

    All the BEST to you ~