day 20-23


day20: the girls and cousin make to a gingerbread house. they had been waiting all month to do this.

day21: i am thinking this is my favorite photo so far. i will cherish this photo a great deal next year when i go through this book again and he is not longer this little guy.

day22: a heavy journal day.

day23: serious cold, fog and ice. well, the aftermath of it the next day made for some beautiful winterscape photos.
day 24 and 25 are still in the can. they will have to wait till next week for me to finish them.
thank you for sharing my book with me. i am so happy with it again this year.

happy new year!!!!


  1. Oh Jamie, I've enjoyed your D.D so so much! Thank YOU for sharing, it is absolutely gorgeous!

    Happy new Year to you and your sweet family <3

  2. Your Dec daily is really a masterpiece!! I've really enjoyed all the pages!!! Happy 2011 to you and yours.

  3. Wow this is a lovely piece of art!! I wish I had been organized enough to do one like this.....
    Happy New Yeat to you!!