amazed we got what i consider a decent family photo this christmas.
this was with a camera timer no less.
amazed that this is us.
amazed at our health and the blessings the LORD continues to bestow upon us.
amazed that He has seen fit to allow mr. pate and i the gift of teaching them to be who they are suppose to be.
amazed that littlest guy is here with us and as healthy as he can be.
amazed that 2011 stands before us like a blank chapter waiting for the story to unfold.
think i should have titled this layout amazed.

what amazes you today?
write about it.



  1. beautiful photo and a very classic layout, love it!

    currently i'm amazed at your January kit layouts. They make me wish that I hadn't used mine, I love a couple of brilliant ideas you have here!

  2. Another gorgeous page Jamie!
    I'm amazed you'd find the time to make such beauties with such a big family!!

    Hugs ~