been busy this weekend. in a creative way. but not with paper and photo. creatively de-cluttering and re-organizing my studio space.
seriously inspired by this here lady's space::

keisha has such an elegant and glamorous way with everything she does. while i am not any of those adjectives at all, i do appreciate her style and have put to work some of her organizing ways.

this here blog has been full of eye candy too. especially the categories of office and desk. i seriously get lost looking at all the wonderful photos she compiles on here. it's a bit of an addiction, i must confess. i think i am in love with shelves and cubes and boxes to hide things in as in this office below.


tumbler too has been a wonderful source of voyeurism into how others live and decorate. have you checked out tumblr yet?

so the weekend in found me knee deep in trash bags and all my hoarded stash that i am seriously clearing out. if you have followed here at all, you know my need to keep things simple. for me it seems to be an ongoing challenge to make that happen. in a house of seven extremely different souls, i am continuing to find solutions to keeping life in our home as simple as possible. for me to have a space to go to that is organized and rings of me-isms is huge in my life right now. i use to think it was selfish to want this space. but i am changing in my outlook. it is actually healthy for me to have this studio. to work on these projects in peace (well...if you count being right next to the large room of the basement where at any moment in time girls are running around being horses and dancing on the tables...don't ask). but it really is a place of retreat for me. so i am attempting to make it a place of beauty and refreshment, and not clutter and disorganization.

today i am keeping it simple with this here slow-cooker recipe from real simple. love that mag. and this is looking yummy as it cooks.
slow-cooker coffee-braised brisket

this should be a comforting meal on this brisk, cold colorado day.

hoping you are enjoying yours....oh! and i have not forgotten the teal blue inspiration of last week. i will post more on that soon.



  1. hi jamie!!
    I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog and that you found me via the article in the artful blogging magazine. And what a crazy small world it is...with you having won rhonna's 21 day challenge too! LOVE her!! thanks for taking a minute to reach out!!!

  2. is it me or is there a new blog look???
    i'm off to cha, wish me luck, lol. might cause a scene trying to rush out with products in hands, lol