best friends.


everybody needs a best friend.
i consider myself exceedingly fortunate that i have more than one lifelong friend in my life.
we don't see each other often, as we are all spread across the country.
so moments like these (i was four months pregnant here) are very precious to me.
this photo was suppose to make it in december's work in progress it has been sitting on my project table waiting patiently for me to give it some attention.
the theme of this kit here still worked well with the edit of the photo.

played with the trim a little and made a simple flower. it makes me smile.
take some time today and think of those people who have been long time blessings to you.
write about it.
make life art about it, even if you don't have a photo.

blessings on your day!


  1. What a pretty page Jamie! Thank you for reminding me to reach out... I really need to get in touch with some old friends!

  2. oh heavens this page is pretty. it's filled with love.

  3. Great page love your post as well ;-)