happy new year!!!


ah! january!
a new year.
a fresh start.
a time to reflect.
a time to look forward.
i love new beginnings.
january over at work in progress has a newly updated gallery.

this project was to celebrate the previous year. and to highlight our newest addition which was a miracle in so many ways. i will probably make this a double page and do some serious journaling on the other page emphasizing the meaning behind these people here and what 2010 meant to us.

finally had a chance to play with some jenni bowlin dabbers and colored the doily here to match the colors going on with the kit.  i like how it turned out::

i posted here over at 2peas too!

looks like trish has posted a peek over at wip for february! looks fun and quirky!!!

enjoy your day!


  1. I love everything about your amazing page Jamie!
    Happy new Year to you as well ~

  2. the stitching around that butterfly is amazing.

  3. This one too, a must-life for me! BRILLIANT in the sense that you have a grid for a layout, and within some of the grids, you have a little grid, i mean, come ON!!! why didn't I think of that?!!