layered inspiration


Sometimes one needs to simply play with papers and layers for the mere creativity of it.
Sometimes one does not have to work with a deadline. Or to keep up with a memory book.
Sometimes one needs to exercise creativity for the sake of enjoying the art of paper, paint, textures, and what not.

love these book covers by 7gypsies. love the paris motif.

This little book is an exercise in simple creativity. Time to play. Time to think while putting paint on paper. Time to plan while stitching on tags. Time to consider my style while stamping on canvas. Time to dig in my stash and see what comes of it all.
This little book is an exercise in what I love about paper. The layers. The textures. The sewing. The paint. The ink.

Hoping you too have time to enjoy some creativity in your day.


  1. now that is beautiful! just so pretty to look at.

  2. absolutely stunning Jamie!!
    I love every single little detail <3

  3. Oh, how I adore this, Jamie! Such wonderful designs and details on every little page! I've always wanted to make a little book like this--just for the heck of being creative! Love it!!!

  4. This is so so pretty! Love the look of it! Now may I suggest a trip to Paris to fill it up with memories ;)

  5. Oh, Jamie, this is gorgeous... ahh, creatvie freedom! Also loved the post last weekend over at WIP about displaying your layouts... brilliant!

  6. I'm overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy. This is sooooooooooo aamzing!!!!!!! and look, I cna't even spell any more! lol

  7. What brand is the clock? Very nice book. TFS!

  8. I like that you use decorative scissors. :) ... I so much more but I needed to comment on the scissors :))