one little word


One little word.
This has become a powerful word for me this year.
And that word is pray.
The one little word I have chosen the past few years have all been the very tense of the word.
Requiring me to act.
To pray is a daily act for me already.
The need to focus on it's power, on it's meaning, on how it changes me became apparent toward the end of the year.
So pray it is.

 I credit extra attention to this word and project to ali edwards. If you follow this blog at all, you know that I am a fan for ali edwards' style, story telling, and her digital goodness. The goodies that are making up part of my one little word album are from her class over at Big Picture classes.
It makes me happy to open this book and see the 5x7 cover page with other pages peeking around from behind it.

Behind the 5x7 cover page is a photo of me!

 Ah! Love this page. I am using Pink Paislee Portfolio Album refill page pack. It's a very fun assortment of sizes of page protectors.
This page was a great exercise in defining my word. Describing what I expect from it. Describing it by way of a quote, and defining it by embellishing little canvases as a creative outlet for this word. I think hearts will become a symbol for me this year. It sort of happened on accident, but as I have been journaling this month the idea of heart and having His heart is making itself more apparent. Butterflies will continue to be an important symbol too. The balance that they represent. The freedom that they represent. Not to mention the beauty they have always represented to me.

Ali made available on her blog this very fun word cloud of all the one little words people posted. I printed it on kraft and have added it to my one little word book. Wordl is a great site for generating 'word clouds' of whatever you want to create. 

Thanks for letting me share this with you. It's an intimate journey, but such a joy that I want many to experience the power that these words of focus can bring in your life.

Enjoy your day and stay warm!


  1. love, love, love this. so beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this idea of making an album or journal for your One Word. I've choosen the word Habit for this year but am not participating in Ali's class. Love your album and looking forward to seeing more. Fondly, Roberta

  3. Amazing work jamie!
    I'm so in love with your handwriting and your style!
    Keep it up girlfriend <3

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Jamie - love the word you have chosen, such a good way to stop for a few moments each day and reflect and be thankful for life. I can't wait to see more :-)

  5. What a beautiful project, Jamie! Love the graphic look of this! And your handwriting rocks!

  6. Your OLW album is off to a wonderful start. I love the colors.

  7. Oh Jamie I love it all! You have beautiful handwriting and I just love your word!