hello.hello.is this thing on?


feeling a tad bit out of the loop this week for sure...
This week has been full of life and activity.
Mr. Pate and oldest daughter left Sunday to spend spring break working on community needs on a reservation way down south in New Mexico. I have hardly heard from them. But what I do hear is that the work is going well.

Oldest son is on a lake in Utah with uncle and cousins.

I bravely faced 43 this week. O.K..so maybe not so bravely, but thankful just the same. Thankful for the past year's journey. The past year has been a significant road in my life. It's good to reflect and review. Can I tell you how stinkin' happy I am to have the little mr. here, and to NOT have been pregnant this birthday?

My girlfriend came out to visit from California. This is beginning to be a yearly event. How she puts up with us and this crazy household is beyond me. But she keeps coming back. God bless her! I miss her desperately already.

That head cold and fever thing finally caught up with me. It is having it's way with the little mr. and daughter number three. Not the best of spring breaks for her. edited to add...and now she has an ear infection...just where DID i put that calgon?

I did get in some crocheting this week thanks to girlfriend from california. She coached me through a curly scarf. And I am rather pleased. Don't tell her, but i just might have to make another. Once I figured out the double double crochet thing, I nailed it. Photos to come on another post.

And here is a sneak peek for some work for April's Work In Progress gallery. So glad I have the weekend still to finish that up. It's not easy being single parent to these little people, especially when some of them are sickly.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Been a little lonely around here.


  1. I have been thinking about you!!
    Have you received my card yet?
    The mail is just so ....these days GRRRR!!

    Can't wait to see your curly scarf, my Mom made me one in February and 43 ain't so bad...I'm liking it, I know you will too...beats 45, right?

    I hope the little ones feel better soon...don't feel too lonely...lots of Friends are with you in spirit, I know I'm one of them <3

  2. I was THIS close to posting on your previous entry, HELLO, time to UPDATE!!! LOLOL!!! 43 is the new 21! LOL, I have no idea!!! I just know it's much better to be older in the wisdom area :D I did NOT give you the cold :)

  3. Hope you and the hound ones feel better soon!! Can't wait to see your full layout!

  4. He-he...auto complete function...should have read, " you and the YOUNG ones"

  5. I would love to see the scarf and I hope that things have settled down on the sicky front for you and the kiddos... {{HUGS}}

  6. hope the littlies are feeling better soon!

  7. Hi Jamie! Sounds like life has been a bit hectic for you lately. As a single parent myself, I can really relate. ;) Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and looking forward to seeing your WIP projects.