inventory continued...


today is a look at the rest of yesterday's life book.

As I review these photos, I have not completed the answers on the tags or the journal prompts. But these are what led me to do each photo spread. We are blessed that my husband works for a major retailer, and is quick to help me stock my kitchen in the 'servants' that make life easier.

This page represents a little bit of our daily life. My mind is reeling with ideas for perhaps an entire mini along this theme. Life is so unique right now, I am afraid in our busy-ness I will forget what is making us buzz currently.

Life is full of challenges left and right, but it is indeed good. I have used this paper several times now in different projects. I am sure I will stock up on it again. Love it. Trish included a couple of mini-overlays in the project kit. Here I sewed it onto the page and used it as a pocket for this layout's tag and prompt. The yellow polka dot paper is not part of the kit, but rather some 7gypsies extra's from a previous WIP kit.

Abundance indeed. Again, forgot to fill this in...and while I am sure we do not have as many electronic devices as many others do, I know we have more than we need!

This pages includes a piece of Echo Park paper. I made a pocket of the left side page to house the tag for these photos. Our laptop's hard drive went bad last week, which has some photos on it which I could not get to (no worries, they are archived, I just don't have them on hand) there are a few other photos I had in mind for this.

Notice, like Trish's book, I did not include myself in the 'crazy' photos. I had plenty to chose from with this clan. Ah! So in love with that paper! And that clan!

The final page summed up with the main quote of the whole project...
(Another of the framed overlays from the kit. It too was sewn on and the quote tag added inside. I really like those mini-overlays.)

Thank you for visiting and sharing this with me today...


  1. My jaw just dropped!!!! This is truly a gem Jamie!!!! I LOVE everything about the way you created this mini, its subject, the gorgeous photos!!! It is an amazing keepsake!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your style girl! ;)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! This will certainly be a book you will love to look back through over the years!! Gorgeous photos and really captures your life today!!

  3. This incredible work of art needs to be published Jamie!! How inspiring!!

    Thank you, I'm in love with absolutely EVERYTHING about your book!!

    hugs ~

    P.S: you can come and play ANYtime!! ;-))

  4. Fabulous keepsake! You have inspired me to create a book showing the here and now. Thank you!

  5. really really love this, and as usual, i want one :) i always enjoy seeing what you have created!

  6. Not sure how I ended up on here LOL, but loving this project of yours, what a gorgeous idea.