painted ruffle scarf


If you follow this blog at all, you can see I am hit and miss these days. I don't like it. But it's a four letter word called LIFE. The haze of head colds and chest colds and new jobs and vision therapy and what not is taking it's toll right now.
But, fret not. I am here today. If not for a moment. A stolen moment at that. But a moment none-the-less.
And the creative act I bring to you today is the painted ruffle scarf. My sweet california girlfriend gave to me for Christmas the pattern and the yarn to do this scarf on my own. And how much higher she thinks of my crocheting skills than I actually possess. I did try. Once. And then I was done. (that would be the perfectionism of first child syndrome that prohibited me from crocheting if i could not do it right!).
But alas...she was coming to visit for my birthday! Yeah! my tutor. She held my hand. She cheered me on. She checked my every stitch...and mission accomplished! Painted curly scarf completion. And don't tell her this (because she thinks I actually really hate crocheting), but I could not be more proud of myself. I am sort of eager to accomplish another. Because I need another hobby in my life.
pattern can be found here.


  1. It's beautiful Jamie! You can proudly wear it now and claim "YES! I made it myself!" :D

    And if you ever feel like make me one..... ;)

  2. I must show you mine ;-)
    we would be like "crocheting sisters".
    I call mine my noodle scarf !!

    It's beautiful Jamie!
    Now, you must begin a "lighter version" maybe in a rich yellow? ;-))



  3. wow! This is beautiful! I am just in love with that yarn you used. I sure wish I knew how to do this. :)
    Have to say I'm proud of my daughter, though....she taught herself how to knit before Christmas. Still working on her first scarf, but I think it's quite an accomplishment.
    Noticed you also mentioned vision therapy. That jumped out at me because my daughter has just started that, too. Never had heard of it before now, but once you become aware of something, it seems to jump out at you more.

  4. LIFE does have a nasty way of catching up with us sometimes!! Hoping yours gives you a break soon!

    I adore the scarf but am resisting checking out those directions... I will NOT be picking up yet another time consuming hobby!! :)