six months and sweet!


life is not dull.
and life with mr. sawyer is moving at a clipping pace.
he is more pushing 7 months than when this photo was taken last month.
he is as healthy as he can be, and i am grateful.
he will balance himself in the sitting position when helped.
he is always rolling over.
he has started eating real cereal. the girls are ever so helpful with this addition to our schedule.
he officially is the owner of two front teeth.
he is the happiest sweetest little guy.
i can't believe we are on the other side of six months!

I love the screen mode in photoshop elements.
I almost always edit my everyday photos this way:
duplicate a layer
screen mode that layer
add a photo effect of 'tint sepia' in a third layer
sometimes i will even add the distort glow as well
i need to graduate to more advanced photo software...but i am still so happy with pse.

have a productive day!


  1. Not only if Mr. Sawyer A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. but your page is outstanding!!! I LOVE your clean design and your details!

  2. Love that page and yummy Sawyer!!
    Bravo my Friend! I so wish we could scrap together ;-)