time to travel


I am up to my elbows in life right now...and dreaming of getting away this summer. While we do not have huge travel plans this year, we do have a family trip planned, as well as a weekend waterfalls explore in the works.

So this past weekend's project found me following ali edwards scrapbook on the road online class and making up one of three travel journals I will be keeping this year.

Now while I think I know my way around  paper to come up with my own ideas for a travel album, I have always enjoyed seeing ali's on the road type books. And while I have made my own in the past, I wanted to not have to think, and simply follow the directions and ideas of someone else. And so that's what I did.

Fun techniques. Lots of layers. Use of clear overlays, staples, stitches, oh my!

I had very little of the suggested supply list, so this made the shopping of my own stash, as well as making a few of my own embellishments, very rewarding. As you saw on the vellum I used, I printed a digital map paper with the transparency about 50%. I like the result and will probably do it again.

Next time I will post more of the inner pages that allow plenty of room for journaling on the road.


  1. This is looking so beautiful, Jamie! Love the little bits we can see so far. I always adore a mini that has different types and sizes of pages with varying edges and pockets. Looks like yours has all of this and more. Love your map vellum. Love that motor wheeling vintage card.
    Now I wish I was going somewhere so I could make one of these. :)

  2. This is really striking and beautiful, I look forward to seeing you completing this baby!!! Well, I should dig out my vellum stash :) Thanks for the inspo!!

  3. This is wonderful and oh so very promising! Love the textures and the muted tones that will allow for a great variety of photos! I really have to create one of those mixed mini one day!

  4. The muted tones will let your wonderful pictures "do all the talking"!! Lovely book!!
    I do aspire for some road trips but as you well know , it's not easy with teenagers about to enter college...


  5. This is beautiful!! I love that you chose a neutral color scheme to work with whatever and wherever your travels take you!