what a week!


sometimes i'm not sure if i am glad the week is over...
or simply wonder where the week went.
sometimes my weeks are non-stop caring for the little mr. and journeying with the older ones in their academic quest, that i am not even sure i stopped long enough to breathe.
sometimes the weeks are more creative...
sometimes they are simply work.
and i know that i am not alone.
some people i know think me odd to take the time i do to write, create, photograph, and try to remember what it was i just lived.
some people i know understand how important it is to me to have this creative outreach, although it is squeezed into a severely crazy life.
so today i leave this week with just a few more layouts from WIP from this months gallery.
layouts that celebrate just what i wrote above...they celebrate the life i and my family just led and allow us to remember and reflect and renew where we are now.

this spread includes photos from the beginning of the fall. my daughter in the last year of this particular section of her awana club. my husband who is the director of that club. and a fun 'team color' night.
this spread of photos will remind me forever of this time of life. of their relationship together. of a journey together. of their love for the goofy.

this spread here is precious to me already. these older girls and their daddy on a special father daughter evening devoted to their relationship and building meaningful relationships. soon i will look back on this and wonder where my little girls have gone to...as time slips by and they become young women.

thank you for letting me share today.
i encourage you to take time to remember, reflect, and renew in a creative and meaningful way this weekend.


  1. Beautiful projects Jamie. I love what you did with this kit!

  2. Both are wonderfully crafted pages but I am especially fond of the second one...
    And to answer to your question on my blog: yes, I doodled the frame by hand (and enjoyed it!)
    I hope you have a restful Sunday after your busy week!

  3. Jamie I am honoured that you visited my blog, your work is AMAZING. I have just spent the last 20 minutes going back through your older posts I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style!!!!

  4. I just love your pages, Jamie! Stunning work with the kit! Love how you incorporated those tags into your design.