friday already?


i can have so many ambitions to start the week off with.
posts i want to posts.
projects i want to create.
and then all of a sudden it's friday.
someone recently asked me if i am up all hours of the night accomplishing my 'to do' list...
or if i just turn it off.
good or bad, i just turn it off.
i have created a margin of routine for my evenings when the kiddos are in bed.
and it is helping to take care of me and make sure i am well rested and ready for the next day.

but some things are falling off.
like finding time to nurture daily creativity.
and then posting my thoughts on it.
and visiting all you wonderful visitors and friends.

so i have yet to find a solid niche for that in my current schedule.
and would love input and hearing what works for you.
cause i know i am not the only busy mama.

as the above layout suggests, what is vital in my life right now, and will continue to be, are my quiet mornings. in the WORD. journaling. drinking that first cup of coffee. alone. that is the basis to my day. everyday. and it is indeed vital.

the other vital activity in my life right now is of course the little mr. He is seven and a half months today. his little life is flying past my heart and eyes.

the activity which swirls around within our walls seems to never let up. Mr. Pate and i made the mistake yesterday of mentally walking through the next 10 days or so, and realizing we will only be home as a family for dinner one night next week. (i should do a layout/story on how vital regular family dinners are to us.)
this layout is just one of those recent activities::

 the older ones and friends off to a weekend retreat in the mountains.

so what is vital in your life right now?
all layouts created for April's Work In Progress gallery.


  1. Seriously that journey layout I want to EAT IT UP!!! and don't ever let me near your little one, coz I wanna pinch his cheeks :) lol, so cute!!! and it's Friday FINALLY not "already!" LOL
    What's vital in my life is to get through this work day so I can go home and scrap this weekend!! LOL

  2. I love your layouts! I have yet to really break in to that kit. Now I can just lift you and Jing-Jing. LOL.

    Vital to me is sleep and my daily cup of coffee (ok, my daily 2 cups of coffee)...I gave up on "doing it all" ages ago! I don't get to blog very much, my house is a mess, layousaren't perfect, etc, but I'm ok with that! I am a happier person for it!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Every single page! Love every genius detail you include on your pages. The vellum is inspiring me to dig through my stash to find some!

  4. SIGH, you make everything looks just so easy!! your colour choices in these three are just superb!