"my friend'


A little mini using coaster's as covers celebrating girlfriend from California's visit to my house a few weeks back.

I posted this over at Work In Progress over the weekend.  Lot's more photos and details there.

This of course uses mostly April's kit with a few papers from a previous kit.

Having a new love affair with vellum.

Been playing a lot with clear overlays.

Had fun making pattern paper look like little sweet swatches of tape.

Now I know girlfriend from California lurks in here every once in a while. And if she is thinking she would like this mini in her own lovely hands, then she might need to think about leaving me an actual comment.

Thank you sweet ladies for all your wonderful comments last week for the current activity in my OLW album. It has indeed become a most cherished project of my year. I am so thankful that is it having the impact on me that it is. And your encouraging words are so appreciated.


  1. You know it's entirely too cute!!

  2. Love how bright and cheerful this mini album is!

  3. Very cute. I love the bright, cheerful papers. And those 'tapes' are too cute!

  4. I have not been out here...has the book already been given to someone else!! Too darn cute! Wonderful memories!