OLW Blog Hop


Welcome to April's One Little Word blog hop. I am happy to be apart of this group of blogger's committed to working their word throughout the year, one month at a time.

First up is a review of the first month.


title page

definition page

closeup of my olw

February's prompt was to watch and observe the way my word works in the world around me. This is my interpretation of that prompt.

 March's prompt was one little action. I was encouraged to come up with an action statement. Then I was to mark a date on the calendar card when that action was to take place. Well, my version went further than that. By virtue of my olw: pray, I believe my word requires action every day. And so for almost everyday of the month, I had a word of action that chose me how to live in that day.

I say it chose me as I did not look for the action, it came to me daily. And daily I attempted to live out loud the olw.

Now I invite you to 'hop' on over to Nikki's blog for the next installment of today's OLW blog hop.

And if you would like to start from the beginning, Margie is the one to thank for putting this into action this month, and every month.

Here is a list of all bloggers participating today:

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  1. This is such a fantastic mini! Wow, how inspiring!! I must go hop around to see the others doing this!!

  2. i may have to take up this project soon, before the year progresses too far. LOVE this!

  3. wow....your album looks wonderful.

  4. Wonderful job with your OLW this month. Love how your album is coming together.

  5. Awesome! Your page is so peaceful, love the papers!!!! Great work this month. xoxo

  6. Your work is just GORgeous - and really inspiring. Thanks for sharing! Blessings on the journey... :)

  7. Oh Jamie, you really are my Ali... just love what you have done with this! Every last piece is a total inspiration and did I mention your handwriting? Love it!!!

  8. I love your line at the beginning about "working the word" -- it is very true; we do have to work at it, don't we? All your pages are gorgeous; well-done!

  9. WOW. To say your pages are gorgeous is a bit of an understatement...truly, truly beautiful. Glad you're on the hop :)

  10. your work is just out of this world!! I love it !

  11. This is a beautiful post...wonderful work on our layout this month. Glad you enjoyed the journey this month!

  12. Beautiful pages! So creative and pulled together and I love your colors, they are so gentle. Please, for my sanity, tell me you have a drawer somewhere in your house that is full of odds and ends and a total mess so I won't go crazy with envy of all that orderliness!

  13. I love the color scheme of your OLW pages. Beautiful!

  14. Fabulous album! And i love your perspective on documenting your OLW.

  15. I enjoyed your post! Your notebook is beautiful, and I appreciate your perspective on prayer.

  16. Such a very cool project and so beautifully done!

  17. A very inspiring post. I love how you got a word (almost) every day. What a wonderful and powerful experience. Thanks for joining along in the blog hop!

  18. your pages are beautiful - I really like the colors.

  19. Love your OLW, and your pages are beautiful! Love that you are encorporating it daily! Way to go, and thanks for sharing!!!

  20. Your album is beautiful! I love how everyone is taking this and making it their own.