project weekend


some mother's day prettiness to share with you my friends.
by way of Mouse Paper Scissors over at Jessica Sprague.
in love with this project.

 mother's day book for mom...

 inspiring me in technical ways that are new to me.
i love this project for causing me to venture into these creative mediums.

i love this project for the pockets and tags and text, oh my!

this is my favorite::flags and sentiments peeking out from in between beautiful papers.

i love this project for the hidden mini file folders full of love and sentiment.

i love this project for it will go farther than just for a mom or two in my life...i can use it over and over again and show my love to all who receive.

wishing you a creative way into someone's heart today.


  1. pockets and tags, it's entirely too gorgeous!

  2. Yikes!! Such gorgeousness! I wish my brain thought like this! :)

  3. Just gorgeus at all...
    I love evrything in here.
    Hugs from Brazil

  4. Hi and thanks fro cominig to my blog..and I found you, because I saw your beatiful mini...and I just loved..
    And I enjoy your work... I see same of your publication ...just a gorgeus work.
    Thanks again.and I love to make friendso all over the world and appreciate than work.
    Hugs from Brazil
    PS. Sorry my poor english

  5. what a lovely project indeed and love the way you have showcased your work Jamie!!