random me


As instructed by Trish {wink} i today shall share a tad of my wee little self.
the random me.
trish did this on her blog and incited the design team to go forth and do the same.
then....debbi did just that...shared some of her random self.
so. here i am. just incase you might vaguely be interested.

food:: i love food. i enjoy cooking. i would rather bake. although my oldest daughter is starting to take that over. but what i love to eat are things like cashew chicken, shrimp fettucini, polla rosa maria. i am a huge fan of good mexican food. as found in the southern portions of california. (have not found it here in colorado.) i am thankful i have my paternal grandmother's metabolism. i can eat pretty much what i want. but i don't.

color:: black. i like black. grey. brown. charcoal. i have always tended to these safe and sure colors. i do have hints of gold and red in my home. but if burlap were a color, that would be my favorite current color.

animals:: currently we have a miniature, black, lopped-ear bunny. and an african water frog. he is kind of freaky. he always watches us.

dessert:: my newest, favoritist dessert right now are the cake pops at starbucks. i love those. but mostly give me a brownie with something mixed in. or better yet a brownie with homemade vanilla ice cream and my husbands dark chocolate sauce on top. yum-o.

artist.:: i swoon to norah jones. i jam to tobey mac. i rock to u2 (going to their concert in 3 weeks). falling for milt buckner. throw in some lenka, and mozart, and boston and i am a little schizo.

pair of shoes:: i wish i was one of those mom's that could wear her strappy heels all day. but my slip on black born's are what suit me and my daily tasks.

outfit:: mostly you will find me in 'my favorite tee' by gap either layered over a lacy tank or under a cardigan. some comfy jeans and my born's.

skinny jeans:: just bought some! and their too big!! in gray no less.

brand:: LOFT. anthro. TARGET. old navy.

perfume:: it's not a perfume, but rather body lotion: sensual amber from Bath&Body Works.

accessory. Brighton. Brighton. Brighton. Did I say I like Brighton?

city:: near colorado springs because no one knows where peyton, colorado is.

hobbies:: paper art. photography. reading. baking. keeping my families memories.

beauty products:: been using Artistry cosmetics for over 20 years. i am loyal if i am anything.

holiday:: thanksgiving.

snack:: popcorn actually popped in oil on the stove.

movie:: Philadelphia Story~Cary Grant & Kathryn Hepburn. love!

song:: today? The Beast by Milt Buckner

guilty pleasure:: being in the house all by myself.

Seven things you may or may not know about me...

1.i began to pursue modeling way back in the day. did a little. too intimidating.
2.met my husband when i was 13 years old.
3.rode horseback in a rodeo when i was 10.
4.i live next door to my parents who live next door to my sister. there are no fences in our backyard between the houses. the greatest gift i could have ever given to my kids.
5. i have 5 children and i home school 4 of them. and yes, i color my hair.
6. my husband is a store manager for Bed Bath & Beyond, and i NEVER shop there.
7. took a trip to Paris a couple years back with my girlfriends. sigh!

tomorrow i will be making a rare Sunday blog post as there is another One Little Word  blog hop for May. hope you drop by!


  1. Well, Ms. Model, that explains so much! like.. why you look so hot! :)

  2. I've enjoyed reading more about you and seeing your awesome self-portrait!

    Thank you so much for sharing Jamie, and yes! I AM very interested ;-)

    Hugs ~