just when...


you think the week is going to slip by without a second post from me.
i know you all have been waiting with baited breath stopping by daily wondering 'is she going to post again...this week?' (shreeks heard in the background).
o.k...i am really not that deluded...
but i am just way too busy...
and no matter how early i get up of a morning i still don't seem to find my way here to visit with a few of my friends.
what, pray-tell, could i possibly be up to that would keep me away from you?
this week:
two of my kiddos were attending vbs
two of my kiddos were leaders at vbs
the other one was home with mama taking his morning nap.
i have several projects i am in the midst of::
1. july work in progress (que the sneak peek)

2. working on a couple of submission projects...o.k...just a little peek this time.

3. and working on a top secret project that is to be revealed later in the...year. sorry. such a tease i am. (no sneak...remember i said it's top secret)
4. oh...and still working on decorating for july 4.

5. oh...and putting my daughter's 10 year birthday party together.
6. oh...and playing wiffle ball in the backyard with the kiddos...

but here is a card to share with you at least. made last week in conjunction with this post. also using the stella bella papers that i love so much. thanks again, alexandra, for the inspiration.

so, that is what i have been up to.

how about you?
tell me your most favorite summer activity on your calendar or that you have already done.

thanks for visiting and saying hi.


  1. omg, these are seriously awesome sneaks. I'm rather stuck with the wip this month!!!! majorly not coming together for me!!!! yours look so amazing!!

  2. Jamie Dearest,

    Don't think for one second that I wasn't thinking, checking out and wondering where the heck you ha disappeared!!!

    No, no, no, I miss your beautiful work so much when you don't post for a few days! I really, really do and this rich post proves my point:

    it is rich, fun, diverse and oh so inspiring!
    and then I get to the bottom part of your post and I 'm so touched, your card is beautiful! Thank you ~


  3. OMG, Jamie! Your peeks are just exquisite--can't wait to see! And that 4th of July decoration thingy--just amazing! You are unbelievably creative!

  4. It's no wonder you haven't had time to blog!all those projects going on! I hate being kept in suspense....

    hee hee.

    That first project with all the juicy borders looks lovely!!

    Tell me..since I am not from the USA...what is "VBS"?

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. I just adore your little sneaks here and I am totally intrigued about the "top secret" project! Love the fourth of July frame...it looks amazing!!

    Enjoy your time with the kiddos! We'll be here waiting for you!

  6. simply beautiful card , and I sooooooo can't wait for those sneak peaks to be fully revealed!

  7. Your sneak peeks are gorgeous!!

  8. Super cute card, Jamie! I do love love those happy summery colors, and the checks and polka dots. Adorable little pennant flag, too.
    You sure have been busy lately. All those projects and activities all at the same time. Thank goodness summer gives us a bit more time to do all this in, right?