prett-ify the package


Good morning friends...

Did a little post over at Work In Progress celebrating the package and why i enjoy to pretti-fy the package.

This was my daughter's birthday package for the morning.

Later we found a backing and she wore the birthday award banner as a pin on her top.

Made a little kraft bag to hold a few other goodies.

I think I have set a standard for myself for future birthdays and a wearable pin.

Have a gorgeous day!


  1. I left a comment over at WIP's
    I knew these beauties were yours before I saw your name!
    Love the combo Kraft and delicate pastels
    Pure eye-candy!

  2. If I got that gift, I will never open it, it'll be on display with everything in tact!!! It's way too awesome!!! sigh...

  3. This is an amazing gift. It doesn't matter what is inside, the outside is stunning!

  4. I'm with Jing-Jing. I'd never open it either--just let it sit somewhere looking pretty so I could admire it!

  5. Awww, how absolutely special and beautiful you have made your daughter's packages. :) I love this idea. To me, it's important to make the outside of a gift look as wonderful as the inside. You totally nailed it, girl!

  6. OH that i sjust way sooooooo fabulous, you always have a way of making simply things look so beautiful!