thinkin' on the fourth.


today has been windy, cold, and very rainy.
while i am most happy for the rain, i am not most happy for the cold and wind.
so since i am not happy with what is, i shall look forward to what is to come...
this is a serious holiday in this neighborhood.
and so my mind and creativity are turning to that day...
when i hope it is mild, warm, and bright clear skies.

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  1. hmm....brilliant ideas, I see one that I'm particularly in love with... sigh... if only I can just buy it, lol.

  2. Hi Jamie
    I like the star bunting!

  3. Love, love, love the wreath and the strawberries!!!

  4. Oh, man, do I love the 4th, too.....and love, love, love to decorate for it. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photos. I love them all. WANT those strawberries.
    This year, I won't get to decorate.........don't get home from CA until midnight on the 3rd, so it will be too late. Going to miss it.