I wish I could convey to you how tickled I was when Alexandra informed me that she was going to be driving through Denver during her road trip with her family. Not only was she going to be driving through the Rocky Mountain region, but she wanted to meet me as well! I was delighted and thrilled. This little creative community is filled with so many wonderful and talented people. One usually only has the opportunity to observe from afar and comment on occasion. But the chance to meet someone who loves paper arts and storytelling as much as you do is such a serendipity. And I was blessed to do just that.

Alexandra and her sweet family stopped in Denver for dinner to which I drove up and met them. We had an evening filled with great food, interesting conversation, many laughs, and an appreciation for the things we mutually love. We both have in common the fact that there are not many around us in our physical location who we can talk to about our creative sides. No one who we can really delve into the subject of paper, and photos, and the beauty that those things hold. No one who really understands our love for this part of our life. And this is why we are beholden to blogging and sharing our craft here with you and with each other.

What struck me about that connection between us, is that we were together for nearly an hour and a half before we even started to speak on the subject of creativity. We were too wrapped up in simply talking and sharing and realizing, that though she and I and many of you here that visit, even though we are states, or countries apart, we are the same through and through. We are women. We, many, are mothers. We have many mutual connections. And we love story telling and life arts.

Thank you, Alexandra, for a wonderful evening. I will cherish meeting you for a very long time. And look forward to the next encounter.


  1. Thank You Jamie, thank you for this wonderful post, for coming to Denver and driving in the storm, for that wonderful evening, for what you do and how you do it.
    Thank you for being YOU!


  2. so neat to read about your friendship and the opportunity to meet!