hello, today.


I am amazed at how days and days can go by this summer.
Days and days go by and so much is getting done..sort of ...
but I have been getting so little time here...with my friends.
So thankful to those of you who do come and visit...
and I am sorry I have not been around very much to visit you.
Perhaps I may be able to a little today.

As a peace offering to my absence I give you a little bit of creativity.
This layout is a lift of this one. (you'll need to scroll down a bit)
I wanted both my girls to have something I created to document their night with their father for their yearly Father Daughter Dance.
So here is the second version, (and don't tell anyone, but I like this one better...it's that Stella and Rose that gets me every time.)

 While I had all manner of Stella and Rose on my desk I made a quick little card. I am sure this one is inspired by Danielle Flanders. She is an amazing card and gift maker.

So, are you finding your self so very busy this summer? Every year. Busier and busier.


  1. Love this Jamie!
    So, so beautiful.
    I'm always thankful when I see a new post of yours ;-)

  2. Beautiful scrap page Jamie, the colors are so nice together!

  3. super scary...I have your first layout saved as a fav of mine and as soon as I saw this new version I knew which one you had lifted, just gorgeous!!!

  4. Lovely soft and delicate colors, very serene! Beautiful work!!!

    Summer zooms zooms by, then winters lingers forever, lol.

  5. Beautiful and oh so feminine! Perfect for the subject!