summer. time.


i will miss summer when it leaves us.
i will miss the warmth of the sun.
i will miss what was lazy days of june and july.
i will miss that certain sense that the evening brings with it when the air is perfect, the crickets are chirping, and the sounds from neighbors open windows tell you it's been a full day.
i will miss the late evening sunsets.
i will miss the kids in the neighborhood until it's too dark to see them.

so today we played at the pool.

this post was just an excuse to play with my new big girl phone.
with the little photo app.
and the instant camera filter.

and hoping you will check back there is still news to be shared...soon.


  1. Love these pix Jamie ;-)
    Didi you get an iPhone?!!!


    PS: I feel the same way about Summer...snif...snif

  2. Love your photos that go perfectly with your nostalgic words :) I feel sad that summer vacations are over but I rejoice in the bounty of fall! I CAN NOT wait to hear about your news.... I expect a new DT...?

  3. Oh, yes. I feel the end of summer painfully. (I went back to school last week). Your words are seriously beautiful, as are your photos! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous thoughts and images. :)

  4. TOTALLY SMOKIN photos Jamie!

  5. Shame poor you....Summer is so good...that is why I am so happy it is FINALLY spring here!! And summer is yet to come! We had such a cold, miz winter! Love the photo effects