a little monday bling


the events of the weekend have left me emotionally drained.
i did not even know how to post anything of significance over the weekend.
instead i felt some quiet reflection was in order.
it amazed me how close to my heart i continue to carry what happened on 9/11...
and i continue to be hopeful and prayerful for our country in the days ahead of us.

i have had the need to make a few pieces of wearable art again...
been a long time.
Rhonna's word art inspired this piece here.
and this is what  i used::

she lived word art is only $2.00!!!
i'm thinking christmas already.
desk top art, jotter notebooks, wall art...
lots of fun to be had with these words.

also used these classsic pieces::

the spring mix elements kit is finding it's way in more than the pendant...have some ideas for it for some bathroom word art projects as well. you'll just have to wait and see!
to make the pendant word art, i opened a document in pse the size of the bezel. I  played around with the digital element placement. printed and trimmed to size.
after placing the printed piece in the bezel, i then filled it with diamond glaze and let it set over night.
when it was dry, i attached the bezel to the chain, added the flower and butterfly, because i love me some dangling charms...and walah! done.

and Rhonna is at it again, creating halloween in her fabulous junque style...

there is even more in the shop.

she is promising some grateful glam soon...personally i can't wait for that!


  1. I love the pendant ... butterflies -just my weakness. love it!

  2. Hi Jamie and congrats on your new assignment. I love that saying. I just had it printed on metallic paper from persnickety. I love how it turned out...Loving the new Halloween. Love the necklace too!

  3. love the wearable art - i want one :)

  4. Love the necklace!! You are such a rockstar!!! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  5. You actually made this!!!!!! I am amazed Jamie!!!! It is simply GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Love the pendant, it is beautiful!

  7. Love, love, love your wearable art, Jamie! It's absolutely gorgeous! And I can't wait to see what you do with those Halloween goodies. :)

  8. very interesting pendant. I haven't seen anything quite like it before. Love the ingenuity