a story of a lovely lady


Today I share a special story with you.
A special story of a lovely lady...
my middle daughter, Amelia.
We call her Gracie.

With the help of the September Work in Progress main kit, I am telling the story of this lovely lady.

This lovely lady is indeed sweet.
She is ten.
She loves to be outdoors and explore and discover.
She loves to tell stories, and study about horses.
It's a mystery to me how she knows so much about horses...

because this lovely lady is at a first grade reading level.
Yes, we have done the vision therapy.
Yes, she has seen a therapist or two.
Yes she works at reading every day of her life.
But some say she is deeply dyslexic.

Can you imagine how hard it is for a bright little girl, with a desire to know so much, to struggle with her reading challenge. I mean...she really struggles.

So this is her little story. I used the 6x6 Kraft mini album from the kit to document this journey.
The left side of the layout is a pocket made with one of the pattern papers from the kit. The pocket is home to some sort of progress, or maybe even a set back, that I have documented.
The right side is a series of recent photos of Amelia. The composition is similar from layout to layout. Her photo is the focus. It is framed with stickers from the Basic Grey out of print stickers. More of the same stickers are used to add interest and color. Sequins are added, as well as butterflies. I want her to shine like the stars in the heavens, as well as find the freedom to fly even though she struggles. I used particular words from the DCWV Retro Sayings paper. Words like sweet, smart, good as gold, living art...because she is all those things. And more. That was how she was created. God knew she would have to be stronger than her struggle. And I guess, He knew the perfect girl to chose.

If you have a child who struggles academically, or in any other arena of their life, know you are not alone. There are a lot of us out there. Lot of tears shed. A lot of research done. And a lot of hope always renewed.

Thank you for letting me share this story today.
you can find me today over at work in progress with the same post.

the album in it's entirety can be found here.


  1. What lovely pages and a touching story that is close to my heart! My best friends son is Dyslexic and has had lots of struggles but with determination has been able to overcome lots of hurdles. Seems to me that she has a wonderful supportive family and she will do just fine in her own time!! Thank you for sharing her story with us. xoxo

  2. What a sweet, heartful post. Dyslexia is hard to deal with, but more so for the person struggling with it. My father in law suffers from it and I feel his frustration at times! Lovely pages.

  3. I found your blog through the WIP blog. What a sweet little book you made for your daughter. I especially love the "smart" page, it's so cute!! I'm sure she loves looking through it as a reminder of how smart and beautiful she is.
    I too have a 10 year old (son) and my daughter is also a Gracie :)

  4. sorry to hear of gracie's struggles. i am certain she will treasure this lovely keepsake. what a great celebration of a special girl!

  5. An amazing daughter you have and a truly beautiful young lady. And alas, a story I can relate to very deeply. My daughter is going through some very similar issues and I have been struggling these last couple of years trying to get the puzzle figured out. So I can relate, and I know what a strong and amazing person your daughter is for dealing with her daily struggles. Love this beautiful album you have created to celebrate her. :)

  6. What a wonderful moving tribute!
    I'm struggling to find my words...
    deeply moved indeed...

    Hugs to you both~