a few of my favorite things...


pretty small packages sitting in a row...
getting my kits ready for the Everyday Gratitude class I am teaching this week at the Bertram Inn.
very excited.

 sneak peek of November Work In Progress...
i have dived into yet another mini album...if you follow here long you know how i can be about those. (insert obsessive). November's gallery will be live tomorrow.

 mouse. paper. scissors. give.
i have to promote this class.
especially since today is the last day to register.
i have learned so much from both jessica and heidi in these class formats.
timeless application of digital+hybrid.
it's like a marriage made in heaven.
let me know if you will be attending as well.

now you know that is one of my favorite things...
so here is the latest.
newsletter about ready to go out...are you signed up?
go here and do that.
right under the balloon.
do you see it?
there will be a free printable download.
there will be a discount off of products from her shop.
and there will be some new digital goodness to check out.
but you won't know if you don't go...(i just made that up).

i think that is it for now.
check back for more of that WIP mini album.
it is one of my new favorites.

have a lovely day!


  1. I can only imagine the fun at Bertran Inn!!! !!!!
    happy halloween!

  2. I know the girls are going to love your class! Wish I was attending! xoxo