spark no.3...continued


photos merely attempt to translate the joy of spark.
the people.
the artisans.
the friends.
the spirit.
did i say joy?

 friends reuniting.
affirming one another in their art.
this is nancy with canela. my swap gift was from her. she makes jewelry.
see her page on facebook...and you will see the design she gave to me.

what else can i say about the heart and soul behind spark?
that's what she is.
her love. joy. enthusiasm for the creative life is more than contagious.
it is life changing.

not as though i knew what to expect from these days in utah.
but mendy was a complete serendipity!
her art talk sparked me immediately.
completely took over my heart from the moment she started speaking into us.
she spoke into our existance as artist from her perspective as artist.
again. amazed. it's just my word.

the view from class.

emily falconbridge.
mother earth, as margie calls her.
beauty personified.
sweet spirit.
eager to teach and share her love.
see here for nancy's interpretation of me felting.
this will not be my new art by any stretch of the imagination.
but the practice of stretching myself over the weekend started here.

donna downey.
amazing (sung in an angelic way)
mixed media queen.
with a teaching style that evoked such a love for her art.
she worked the room showing us technique and affirming and inspiring.
her class lit all of us.

pan pastels.
i am hooked for life.

jen jensen.
sadly she does not have a blog.
a facebook page.
or a twitter account.
imagine that?
she simply creates.
imagine that?
beauty personified, she is.
junk journal extraordinaire.
i loved this class.
and could have sat in her presence all day working the vintage book.
she alone was worth the registration fee.

this technique will now find it's way into alot of my work.
i just know it.

april meeker.
she is heart and soul.
her story alone would inspire.
she took a moment after class and shared her heart.
i think i'm in love.
she is living inspiration.
eager to continue to follow her and her journey.

she taught this girl how to carve a stamp.
it's a bit addicting, i might add.
and a craft i am eager to share with my girls.

amy tan.
goes to show you one can never judge from a tweet what a person is made of.
she is sweetness personified.
with the best american-dream come true success story.
you just had to be at spark to here the details.
reverse applique is her art.
we all swooned over the pursuit.

rhonna farrer.
creative soul.
never ending inspiration.
joy and affirmation felt simply by being in her presence.

if you know me even a little...
you know i am always taking photos of food.
the creativity that went into our lunches and dinner was over the top.
this is what i love about the creative spirit.
it infiltrates every are of one's life...
if you are willing to allow.
it takes work.
but we have been working since the garden.
work is divine.
adding beauty and creativity to that work allows for joy and peace to be apart of every piece of our life.
a life well lived.

this is not the end of the story.
it is only the beginning.
the rival of what happened here to what was already occurring in my life.
an unpacking.
an assessing of life.
it is all coming together.
and now i can move forward, with eyes wide open, ready to see and embrace what is next on this journey.
i hope you will join me.


  1. Oh my goodness! I truly love, love, loooovve your posts on Spark! If I hadn't been there I would have still felt the magic after reading hour incredible posts!! Thanks sister for sharing this magic! xoxox

  2. you so all your spark girrlllll

  3. Oh My Jamie the way you are describing this sound s amazing, your photos, your journalling.. I cant wait for the next installment!

  4. Thank you for letting us see Spark through your eyes. Creativity opens so many doors to happiness!